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We are able to help with lymphoedema swelling management with our therapist who specialises in treating lymphedema in cancer and non-cancer patients. She has been involved in research about lymphoedema for 20 years including her recent work at University of Canterbury about efficacy of Manual Lymphatic Drainage in treating truncal oedema in breast cancer patients and research connected with testing new medical device in detecting and monitoring  swelling in upper and lower limbs.

If you suffer from swollen, heavy, achy legs/ arm, Kara can provide treatment including exercises, skincare, prescribing compression garment and performing specialize manual massage technique to bring you relief from pain and reduce the swelling.

Cost: $115.00 – initial visit

$ 90.00 – follow up visits

Please note there are additional charges for stockings and bandaging.

For more information or to book and appointment please phone 0800 000 856 or email:

Older Adults Health Collective